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                • 公司行业:贸易、商务、进出口
                • 公司性质:私营企业
                • 公司规模:50-200人
                • 公司地址:上海-长宁区天山支路201号719A室


                      Shanghai Qian Dan In'tel Trade CO,. Ltd. was established in 2003. And our factory, which located in Changshu, was established in 1990, covers an area of over 70000 sqm, specialize in producing all sorts of high-quality fiberglass silicone products for about twenty years.
                      Our non-stick silicone bakeware has large demand in America, Europe, Japan and Korea, especially our baking mat. All our bakeware are meet EU standards. And we are the exclusive supplier to Subway Global of the fiberglass silicone breadforms. And the wine relative products, like glasses, corkscrew, decanter etc. and Stainless Steel cookware are sold well also.
                      Sourcing and developing the finest quality products to improve people's lives and experiences in the Bakery, Catering, Hotel, Hypermarket and Restaurant industry is always our goal.
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